blind and handcuffed

Most of us were relieved when Senator Jeff Flake called for an FBI investigation before he’d vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Although Trump said he wanted a “comprehensive” FBI investigation, we now know that’s just another Trump lie. In truth, the FBI was severely restricted both in time and especially in scope. They only interviewed four witnesses and each step the FBI might want to take had to be okayed by Trump.  


More than 40 people with potential information into the allegations against Kavanaugh weren’t contacted for interviews. One accuser, Deborah Ramirez, gave the FBI a list of more than 20 people she said either heard about later or were witnesses to Brett Kavanaugh exposing himself to her while drunk at a college party. None of these people were contacted. There were potential witnesses who were attempting to contact the FBI no avail. This whole reality-TV production has been a sham. They were doing an “investigation” but only investigating anyone that Trump thinks might help Kavanaugh. This confirmation is a travesty in so many ways. @blueravenartist