It'll Change Back Again

climate change


A new UN report warns that we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe. It’s imperative that global warming is kept to a maximum of 1.5C; anything beyond even a half degree will significantly worsen the risks of floods, drought, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.  A report like this should have the whole world talking; but no, we’re caught up, as we have been for the last two years with the Trump reality-TV side show. 

“The world our parents and grandparents grew up in – is gone forever. There is no going back.” Jeff Goodell ROLLING STONE

Goodell goes on to say, “A thousand years from now, when some vaguely human-like machine digs through the ashes of the Twenty-First century and tries to figure out what happened to those once-thriving animals called Homo sapiens, it may be confused about why an intelligent species that could build rockets and write songs like “Imagine” couldn’t heed warnings of its own destruction. A key question for future historians of the universe: How stupid were those humans anyway?”

The problem isn’t that Homo sapiens are stupid. It’s that the leader of the free world is.  Perhaps stupidity isn’t it exactly. It’s more like abject ignorance, overwhelming greed and a complete lack of caring about anything other than his own self-aggrandizement.  

When pushed by the ever-persistent Leslie Stahl arguing scientific fact and the recent uptake in severe weather events, Trump finally said, “Something’s changing and it’ll change back again.” Like the seasons? Or perhaps the stock market or whether or not we wear skinny jeans. The man doesn’t have a clue about cause/effect, nor does he care. He’ll be dead before things get really bad so WTF? He’s going to get his while the getting’s good. It’s worth sacrificing the future of humanity, even if it’s just to get a two-minute applause jolt from his base. Yes, he really is that petty…staggeringly so.

I’m not going to lay out all the science here. I’d recommend the excellent article in ‘THE GUARDIAN’ that does. But what it comes down to is we’ve gotten ourselves in a pretty desperate situation that we can’t reverse entirely. But we CAN slow things down and take steps to give future generations a fighting chance. That’s why it’s vital we go BLUE next month and in 2020. This next vote might be the most important one of your life. It surely will be for your descendants. @blueravenartist