Canadian cannabis smokers are getting their grove on and doing it legally. Millions who used marijuana under the table for medical reasons are breathing a sigh of relief because the herb that means everything to their quality of life is now legal. In 2018, marijuana won the war against prohibition. Gallup polls show support for recreational legalization at 64% and for medical marijuana as high as the 80’s. There are plans to pardon Canadians who’ve been convicted of possession of 30 grams or less; smooth, sensible move, Canada. Hopefully the United States will follow suit, pass legalization federally, and pardon all those non-violent offenders who have been jailed for simple possession.

Currently, 9 states and D.C. allow recreational marijuana use and medical use is legal in some form in 31 states, Guam and Puerto Rico.  This year, Michigan, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah have marijuana legalization on the 2018 ballot. What’s more, it looks like the measures have a good chance of passing. Hopefully, this will get the younger generation to the polls. The dominoes are beginning to fall.

According to a wide-ranging California survey as reported in the Post, 92% of medical marijuana patients say that cannabis alleviated symptoms of their serious medical conditions, including chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, and cancer. Americans suffer from one or more of approximately 687,696,716 cases of aliments or diseases of which cannabis has been shown help…at a much lower cost, I might add. That it has taken so long to legalize and especially decriminalize marijuana use is just foolish. We’re a nation drowning in healthcare costs, much of that for ridiculously expensive pharmaceuticals..

Criminalization has done tremendous harm to the people whose lives have been ruined, not by the substance, but by the industry that profits off jailing users. People of color are overly subjected to penalties. We need to have laws, sure. But they should be sensible laws. So congratulations, Canada. It's nice to have a little good news once in a while, don't you think? @blueravenartist