We call out the hate and bigotry that lead to the murder of 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue this weekend because some monster had been convinced that “Jews” were taking over “his” country. We call out the hatred that prompted the white supremacist to ram his car into a group of peaceful protesters, killing innocent Heather Heyer at the White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville. We call out bigotry and hatred that prompted an avid Trump supporter to send out pipe bombs to Trump rivals and journalists who criticized him, in one of the worst domestic terrorist attempts in our history.

In June, five journalists at the Capital Gazette newspaper were gunned down in the deadliest assault on journalists in the U.S. since 911.  When the President calls journalists the “enemy of the people,” journalism, so essential to a working Democracy, is becoming a dangerous profession. Even more dangerous is the threat to our country.

When the President routinely implicitly and explicitly calls out for violence against his political rivals and journalists who criticize him, it gives cover for bigots and haters to act on what he’s promoting. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.”

Journalist Katy Tur reported that the President and White House repeatedly stoked divisions since the Synagogue shooting, including repeated attacks on the media just hours after the FBI confirmed that another mail bomb had been send to CNN, a company Trump continuously rails against. When Trump continuously stokes violence, violence will follow. One of the first steps to fascism and authoritarianism is to discredit the press and rally against scapegoats like, well, anyone not white and rich. We need to stop this before it grows like a cancer, destroying our democracy. So in memory of all who were lost, we hope more people will wake to what’s going on. Meanwhile, our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones. And our hearts are broken at this blow to who we are, who we used to be, as a country. Vote BLUE next week. The future depends on it. @blueravenartist