11th HOUR

11th hour


When it comes to our rights, it’s the 11th hour for women. We won’t even have had the right to vote for 100 years until 2020. The right to choose has only been possible since 1973. What’s important is to realize that this isn’t just about the right to choose whether to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. This is about the very fundamental right to have control over our own bodies.

Right now, with the Kavanaugh nomination, women are freaked and rightly so. Not only will he vote to overturn Roe v Wade, this man is a revengeful bully and he clearly has no real respect for women. Anyone with any degree of understanding of human behavior can see that clearly. This is a man who needs to be in control and feels entitled be so. If this man gets on the Supreme Court he’ll not be impartial, especially when it comes to issues impacting women. He will rule to wield his power because he can. He’ll rule to get revenge. I wasn’t happy with the Gorsuch nomination as he’s in the pockets of big business; but the thought of Kavanaugh as an arbiter of women’s rights is truly frightening.

It’s the 11th hour for women’s reproductive rights. It’s time we keep calling our Senators and try to keep this clock from reaching the darkness of midnight. @blueravenartist