I really do care

While boarding an Air Force One jet to visit the migrant children at the Texas border yesterday, Melania Trump wore a $39.00 Zara jacket with the words, “I really don’t care, do u?” emblazoned on the back. Although her spokeswoman said, “It’s just a jacket.” It was an obviously purposeful move on Mrs. Trump’s part. The temperatures were sweltering, thus no need for a canvas jacket. She’s known for her carefully selected, extremely high-end outfits and has never before been seen in anything less. She also knows that everyone will be watching. So exactly what message was she trying to send as she traveled to witness first hand these incarcerated children who’d been forcibly separated from their parents?

The WASHINGTON POST ventured an opinion, given the circumstances of the whole affair. “I really don’t care about Trump’s cruelty, do u?” The irony is that Melania Trump’s an immigrant herself. Of course, she’s a tall, beautiful, light-skinned model and not a “lowly” brown-skinned immigrant child… My God, what have we become? 

I know that I care. I care a hell of a lot. We should all care. What’s happening to these kids and their families is obscene, morally wrong and unconstitutional. And I’ve got to ask, ala the WASHINGTON POST, if you don’t care about Trump’s cruelty towards innocent children, what DO you care about?

Jacquelyn Instagram/Facebook @blueravenartist