In the dead of night and in secret, a group of tired, scared, and shell-shocked little girls are lead through the streets of Harlem. The only reason the girls were spotted is because some brave soul tipped off a reporter who was able to film them as they trailed off into the night. This is the first sign anyone has had of girls, who are being hidden all over the country. Of the over 2000 kids who’ve been taken from their parents, the only images we’ve seen thus far are of men and boys. A few highly screened images have been provided by the government. A few more have come from compassionate caretakers—the only people allowed access to the inside of any of the facilities, other than the guards in the watchtowers overlooking the barbed wire enclosed compounds. There are three internment facilities in South Texas, where they are incarcerating hundreds of babies and toddlers, or what is called “tender-age” children. A caregiver reported seeing babies in cages, left unattended. Another was able to record children crying out for their parents.

At a press briefing last week, HS Chief, Kirsten Nielsen, first spewed out a torrent of outright lies defending the Trump policy of separating children from their parents and holding them in prison camps indefinitely.  When a reporter asked her “Where are the girls & toddlers?” and why the government was only releasing images of boys.  Nielsen said she didn't know.

There are scores of questions about the inhumanity of the 2000+ kids who’ve been separated from their parents, with no protocol for tracking parents and children concurrently and no apparent plan to reunite them. But the one question that continues to haunt me is, “Where are the girls? Where are the babies?” And “will any of these abused children ever see their families again?


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