Kids in cages 2


A U.S. Government memo released by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) reveals the Trump administration’s plan to INTENTIONALLY traumatize children and create a humanitarian crisis at the border. Merkley released this memo to ‘NBC NEWS’ after receiving it from a government whistle-blower, saying that Trump’s “child immigration strategy is immoral and comes from a dark place in the heart of this administration.” And “Children are NOT expendable commodities in political battles.”

“Tonight’s newly-exposed document explicitly reveals that high-level administration officials lied at key points about how and why the Trump administration created this crisis.”  Senator Jeff Merkley

The 12/2017 memo reveals how the DOJ and DHS thoroughly gamed out ways they could tear children from their parents and use the scare tactic  as a terrorizing ploy to deter migrants from seeking asylum. As for the impact on the innocent kids and their families? No big. After all, they’re just brown people, completely expendable in Trump’s eyes. He’s perfectly happy to trade the well-being, safety, mental health, and sometimes lives of children for more applause from his followers.  After all, that’s what he lives for. The whole debacle was a well-thought-out ploy to use cruelty to children to create a crisis he could use to gin up his base. I find that absolutely inexcusable. You?

It’s hard to fathom how anyone could sink so low and get away with it. We’ve always had con-men and sociopaths, but we usually draw the line at letting them run the country.  Intentionally traumatizing children? Kids in cages? We need to find our humanity again. @blueravenartist

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