Kirstjen Nielsen, the brain behind separating families at the border, had the gall to defend her department’s horrific policies before Congress. She refused to admit that DHS was caging kids, by arguing exactly WHAT constituted a cage. The Dems have repeatedly rebuked Nielsen’s support for the inhumane treatment of immigrants and have long wanted her ousted. This weekend they got their wish. After a meeting with Trump, she’s history. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin claims Trump’s killed Nielsen’s reputation for life. “She’ll always be known as the women who put children in cages. And you know what? They’ll be right.” I agree with him.

Is Nielsen out because of her cruelty? Heck, no.  Seems she wasn’t cruel enough for Trump who’s demanding a harder line and wants to reinstate the child separation policy. It’s insane that we’re debating whether it’s okay to cage children. But we are and it might get even worse.

Trump’s put WH adviser Steven Miller in charge of all immigration affairs. This empathy-challenged, right-wing extremist is instigating a coup to replace existing officials with those who share his inhumane views. He supports Trump’s threat to close the U.S.—Mexico border and was the architect behind using the kid-caging system as a scare tactic to immigrants seeking asylum. We might now be stuck with one of the most notorious anti-immigration hardliners in Washington.  We wanted Nielsen gone, but in this administration, you have to be careful what you wish for. After all, we now exist in the “upside down.”

Trump’s ratcheting up his anti-immigration message as he looks towards the 2020 election. Sadly, his cruelty seems to be the most effective way to galvanize his supporters. After announcing Nielsen’s departure, Trump tweeted, “Our Country is FULL!”

Donald Trump, a wrestling fan, once staged a body slam of famous Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XXIII to show his “toughness.” So here’s a cage I’d like to see. Donald Trump and the current wrestling champ in a cage match, locked in, like the kids at the border, scared and defenseless, fighting for his survival. I wonder what he’d think of cages then. Here’s to change in 2020. @blueravenartist @blueraventees