Three faces, representing different facits of self, think, ponder, and meditate in the think tank.


As I watch what’s happening in the world today, it blows my mind how we’re blowing it as a species. A new UN report warns that we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, while the “leader of the free world” calls climate change a hoax. Instead of moving us forward, he’s making moves that lead to exactly what the UN report warns us against. One of the last important messages left to us by the late, great Stephen Hawking, was that the solutions to our environmental challenges and potential AI threats will come from science and technology. Yet, we are living in a time that increasingly pays little heed to truth, facts, and science. This is truly insanity, given the immensity of our situation and downright stupid given what we know to be true.

In a speech last year, Hawking said, “We are witnessing a global revolt against experts.” That’s a scary thing. I’m always amazed that so many people put so little emphasis on intellect when choosing our leaders. Me, I want the smartest man or woman in the room to be making the big decisions. I couldn’t care less if they’re someone I might want to have coffee with. I want them smart, super smart, capable of formulating brilliant solutions to the challenges we face.  And I want them to have a team of the best experts available to help them think the big things through.

So I dream of a time when science and thinking become valued again, when decisions are made logically for the good of the species.  Hawking also said, “Humanity is on a path to either disaster or the stars.” The path we’re on right now is the former. We need more open minds. We need to bring facts and science back into the collective decision-making. We need a few more think tanks and a populace that pays heed to experts. Hawking said that the fate of humanity is totally up to us. Wouldn’t it be cool to be moving in the direction of going to the stars? Now that’s a think tank I’d like to see happen. @blueravenartist


face in the sky

I’ve always been a fairly reclusive artist, never really wanting any kind of online profile, content to live in relative obscurity. But the current political climate has caused me to come out of the closet, so to speak.  I’ve become increasingly concerned about what’s happening in our country today and wish to join the artists using imagery and social commentary to add to the collective dialogue that’s steering the course of the country. Art has the power to produce social change and I’m hoping that if there are enough of us, we can cause a course correction to a better direction. In times as these, I believe that it’s important to speak out if you have any kind of venue at all. So, that’s why I’m here, barring my soul and psyche in visual imagery and social commentary instead of hiding in the shadows.

They say that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Freedom, equality, inclusiveness, and social justice are important to me.  I believe that love is love, that we should strive for peace, and that we should care for the planet. I also believe we should use truth, facts, and science to direct our collective decision-making. We’re down to the wire to tackle climate change. We can no longer afford to allow a complicit Congress and well-financed propaganda to pretend it isn’t happening. We ignore these things at our own peril.

While I want to use imagery and social commentary to call attention to what’s going on, I’d like to add a sprinkle of hope as well. Jung said, “The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” Humans are a resilient species. We have survived tremendous challenges in the course of our evolution and I believe we will survive the challenges we face now. But it’s going to take each and every one of us to make that happen. So here’s to like minds working together to build a better tomorrow. Progressives unite, push forward.


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