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According to THE WASHINGTON POST, rioters came dangerously close to Pence. “Pence and his family had just ducked into a hideaway less than 100 feet from that landing…” and “ If the pro-Trump mob had arrived seconds earlier, the attackers would have been in eyesight of the vice president as he was rushed across a reception hall into the office.”

“It appears that we now have a President (or Republican voters generally) that in effect have death squads.” THE DAILY KOS

Rep. Jason Crow, D CO “The majority of them (Republicans in Congress) are paralyzed with fear. A couple of them actually broke down in tears…saying they are afraid for their lives if they vote for impeachment.

“We must now confront a sinister new reality. Republicans are no longer just afraid that their base will force them to defend the politically indefensible or send them packing in a primary challenge. They’re afraid that their base, or at least certain elements of it, will literally kill them.” THE WASHINGTON POST

With the crowd screaming “Hang Mike Pence!” and the gallows with a noose ready on the front lawn, although Pence is a staunch supporter of capital punishment/death penalty, I doubt he’d like THIS one. We know the terrorists planned to assassinate Nancy Pelosi and attack members of Congress and we’re finding out more and more that there was an inside job element to the riot, with some Capitol police either joining in or aiding and abetting the terrorists. We’re also finding out how purposely unprepared Homeland Security was, as they had knowledge beforehand what was going to happen.

T**** can’t pardon anyone if he’s impeached, so let’s get that done in the Senate. Make calls. That way he can’t pardon himself or his family. He could resign and have Pence pardon him, but Pence hates him now. “Hang Mike Pence!” Wow! Looks like THAT avenue’s gone. Maybe now Pence would be open to the 25th Amendment? I just hope Trump will face federal charges in the end. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing for 2021? @Blueravenartist #blueravenartist #blueravenpolitical

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