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Happy Holidays

I’m not a religious person, but I have fond memories of Christmas as a child. It was always so exciting. Even as an adult, decorating the tree and seeing it lit up in the dark brings back good feelings.

This Christmas is a little different. We can’t have over and hug our loved ones. We can’t spend the day together playing games or whatever. Some of us are lucky and have access to Zoom or Skype and can have an online meal together. That’s what we did. So it was different, but at least we connected. And here in Colorado it was nice out enough to be able to hang out for a bit outside and actually see their faces.

Other people celebrate Kwanzaa, Rosh Hashanah or holidays I don’t recognize. But however they celebrate, I hope their day’s a good and safe one.

I feel filled with such gratitude that I am safe and warm this season when so many are not. We have been living I such dark times. I hope 2021 brings better things for the masses and that we continue to push for equality and fairness in our society.

I know that what’s going on right now is scary. But soon we’ll have at least a little leverage in the government to change things for the better. So at this moment, on this Christmas night, I just want to look at the Christmas tree and feel that same tingle I got as a kid and feel like everything’s alright. Merry Christmas everyone. And a joyous holiday, no matter what you choose. @blueravenartist #@blueravenartist

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