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It was clear on social media there was going to be a mob of T**** supporters at the Capitol, and thus violence. This was no surprise gathering. The White House police should have worked with Homeland Security, the National Guard or Secret Service. Had it been a Black Lives Matter rally, they’d have called out the National Guard all decked out in riot gear.

T**** riled up the crowd at the rally that morning, yelling, “Come to the Capitol. It’s going to be wild.” It was clear that something big was happening, but Capitol security was unprepared. It’s as if T**** wanted his goons to trash the Capitol building and wreak havoc on the Congress people who were certifying the results of a free and fair election.

Rioters flying Confederate flags came with zip ties and hangman’s nooses and set up a gallows on the Capitol grounds. They then stormed the building. Trapped inside were journalists and nearly all members of Congress.

“This is nothing but a race war that was about to be unleashed. And had it not been for the gunshot by that stopped the onslaught on the speaker’s lobby, the mob would have overtaken the trapped Congress people.” Sen Gary Peters, (D MI) He went on to say that they came to the Capitol to do business, riot, to lynch and that people like him (black) would have been hanging from nooses over the balcony.

What’s particularly striking is the low number of arrests. We’ve videos of white people engaging in all kinds of violent, destructive behavior. Had the rioters been black, brown or wearing a turban, all kinds of shots and teargas would have been fired and arrests all around. These rioters need to know if they engage in such violent behavior they will be arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced, even though T**** called them “special,” saying he loved them. They must be held accountable.

This was an attack on Democracy and America itself and T**** was the instigator. He wants a race war. Let’s not give him one. @blueravenartist

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