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A woman's face has a maze where the top of her head would be. Notice the stick figures trying to navigate the maze. She is helping the one who is trying to gain access. The words at the top of the image say, "My mind's a maze. Proceed with caution." We need to think carefully about what we allow in our brains, what we let influence us.

About Jacquelyn Harp's Work

Welcome to the enigmatic universe of Jacquelyn Harp, a visionary artist whose captivating digital creations defy the boundaries of reality. With a passion for the surreal and the strange, Jacquelyn's artistic journey transports viewers to uncharted territories of imagination and wonder.


Embark on a visual odyssey like no other as Jacquelyn's artistry stimulates your senses, provoking thought and evoking emotions, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of their own imaginations. Vibrant colors collide, mysterious images emerge, and surreal characters come to life. Each digital brushstroke and pixel is a testament to her boundless creativity and relentless pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries.


Unlock the enigma, unleash your curiosity, and let Jacquelyn Harp's artistry leave an indelible mark on your perception of reality, for within realm of deep imagination, anything is possible, and the extraordinary waits.

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