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Updated: May 10

"If we find lots of planets like ours…we’ll know it’s likely that we aren’t alone and that someday we might be able to join other intelligent life in the universe.” William Borucki, principal investigator for NASA's Kepler mission.

New research claims that our Milky Way galaxy alone is FLUSH with billions of potentially habitable planets. And according to the best estimates of astronomers, between 200 billion galaxies to two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. There may be more Earth-like planets than grains of sand on our beaches. Ergo, science, facts, logic and reason all tell us that the chance of there NOT being extraterrestrial life out there is pretty much zero.

As now as we are mired in chaos as a country and are watching the world be made less safe, I wanted to remind everyone that we aren’t alone in the universe. There IS another intelligent form of life out there, hopefully, more collectively intelligent than ours. Not that we, as a species, haven’t done remarkable things or don’t have some brilliant people…we do. But, the challenges before us are immense and there are forces working against us that care only about re-election, self-aggrandizement, power, and personal gain.

I still have hope for “Hail Mary” pass for climate change, and an awakening wide enough to outvote the money buying brainwashing for gullible and/or angry masses. But if that fails, I find solace in the fact, that somewhere out there a species has evolved past the nuclear age and has achieved some form of equalitarian governance. And in my artist’s mind’s magical fantasies, I wish that they’d come and save us from ourselves.

The earth is a gift. We won the life lottery. Other life existing in our universe is extremely far away. But still, I look at the stars and am glad, that after I’m dead and gone, even when life on earth is over; I’m seeing the star that’s the sun of a planet where life will continue…somewhere out there. On Instagram/Facebook @blueravenartist @blueraventees


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